Simon is the main protagonist of Raft Wars.

Raft WarsEdit

The BattleEdit

First up, a duo of pirates tried to take the treasure, but the two brothers were able to defeat them. Some vikings tried to raid the treasure, but they were defeated as well. The news of treasure attracted some city folk, but they couldn'

t get their hands on the treasure. Simon's next door neighbors heard about the treasure. With the help of

Simon's brother, they defeated them in a raft war. Japanese warriors followed up on the attack, but they failed.

When Simon thought his treasure would be secure once and for all, his enemies wouldn't give up, and yet more reinforcements were called in to take his treasure by force. Some savages insisted on stealing the treasure as well. Upgrading the raft and equiping more bullets, they successfully defended their treasure. To their surprise, the neigbours had captured Mom and Dad, and they would only release them if they handed over the gold and diamonds. Simon refused and decided to settle this with war. Simon, his brother and his friend were able to fend off the turtlebomb attacks and defeat their neighbours.

After that raft war, Simon ran up to his parents and embraced them, happy to be reunited. But then, in a unexpected turn of events, they dunked Simon back into the beach. They had apparently become greedy after hearing about their son's discovery, and demanded that the treasure be theirs. This turned into a family dispute, so the parents tied up their friend, and the boys were forced to go back to the drawing board of their raft. Despite the change, the boys won against their parents. From winning all the raft wars, Simon happily resumed digging gold again.


After collecting all treasure around the beach, to keep it safe from any further harm, Simon and his brother buried it one night.

Raft Wars 2Edit

Six months later, Simon and his brother returned to the beach from a well-deserved vacation. Then after stirring up anger to securty after spilling paint all over the pool, bobby satcher comes out and shaft goes into full out warfare.Look out for the dead whale in the missions . It helps in finding the TREASURE!!