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Simon's Brother is the Deuteragonist of Raft Wars.


Simon's brother a yellow skin complexion, and three strands of hair that are black. He has thin, black eyebrows, as well as a Superman shirt. He wears a solid red cape.

Role in the game series[]

Raft Wars[]

When he sees that Simon's treasure is at stake, he offers to help him out. He lead Simon (and later on, his friend) into fending off the bad guys after the treasure. He armed the 2 with ball launchers and helped Simon use rafts in order to defeat the baddies who were after the treasure, and so after a while, him and Simon defeated them, only for the 2 to be betrayed by their parents, after fending them off they went on holiday

Raft Wars 2[]

when returning home from their holiday, Simon's Brother, along with Simon discover a water park called Aqualand built over where their treasure was, Simon and his bro were enraged by this, and destroy Aqualand by taking out construction workers, Whalers, and the security